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GHOST® at its simplest form is the world's first lifestyle sports nutrition brand. An international brand of sports nutrition products and apparel with unique flavors and flare, GHOST® never ceases to be at the top of their game and influence the industry.

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Frequent downtime during highly anticipated product launches and peak shopping days on an unstable and difficult to manage custom platform was keeping the team at GHOST® from reaching their maximum potential, and lead them to find out if the grass was greener on the other side. The search for a better alternative brought them to Wolfpoint to maximize what Shopify Plus had to offer.


After migrating their data, integrating their ERP and implementing a customized Swell loyalty program Wolfpoint created a highly flexible theme giving GHOST® the power to control all the day to day activities necessary to run their digital real estate. With fresh UX and UI design, a custom theme to match, as well as the full feature set and all the stability that comes with Shopify Plus, GHOST® can rest easy knowing that they now have the right tools to support their rapidly growing business.


Shopify Web Design

Web Design


With a die-hard fan base and an internal emphasis on loyalty, the GHOST® team really knows how to reward their customers. Wolfpoint and the team at Swell Rewards helped deliver an industry leading loyalty program for GHOST® devotees to take advantage of. Through a custom implementation, users can shop any item on the site by its point value and work their way up GHOST® Loyalty Tiers to make the most out of the program the more they shop.


SEO Optimized Content Structure & Layout

Through various Shopify tag manipulation techniques, we are able to create a systematic way to utilizing tags for content creation. This allows GHOST® to create more pages and more connectable content that makes the site more SEO friendly.

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